Hi, I am Sean.

People want to know who I am, that is impossible to explain here on this page but I will try to give you a glimpse into my life.

I was raised by my mother, Laura Harrison, never knowing a father. Life was tough for my mother she had to work long hours at multiple jobs to provide for me and my two older brothers. We suffered many setbacks as a single-parent family. But my mother always seemed to find a way to make it work.

A path that would require me to leave home to attend a private Christian school several hours away from my home in Chattanooga, Tennessee. There God would give me my next blessing, Ron and Donna Hensley, a young married couple from church who offered to have me live with them in their home while I attended school away from home. They did not have kids at the time but they treated me as if I was their own son.

I transferred from Liberty University to The Master’s College in 1988 which brought me to California. When I arrived in California I will never forget what it was like seeing Venice Beach, California for the first time. I was in love.

Sean Support Veterans

Why Politics, why Congress?

I have never viewed myself as a very political person, I never dream or had aspirations of pursuing a career in politics. In all honesty, what I witnessed with Donald Trump made me question the government and the people whom we trust with it. The more I paid attention I started to notice that people who are getting elected to these positions had no interest in helping the people who voted for them. In fact, they could not relate to their voters because they had not lived a life similar to their constituents. Most politicians are selected and groomed by their party to fill a spot and do what the party wants them to do. Well, that’s not me.

I am a Conservative, who’s Pro-Life, Pro-God, Pro-Gun, Pro Border Security and loves America. I don’t agree with nor do I support any group or anyone who believes in “defunding” police. I work in the healthcare industry and fully support the “Heros” on the frontlines, I stand with and support first responders who have been there working through the pandemic. I believe in securing our southern border to prevent and stop all illegal activity, including illegal immigration. I fully support legal immigration and will do everything I can to help make the immigration process better. Unlike most politicians and candidates running for office who make promises they never intend to keep, I have a plan, I have solutions and I am willing to put it in writing. My “Contract With 10th. District” lays out what I plan to work on for my first term as your Congressman.

I don’t consider myself a Republican or Democrat, I am a Conservative running under the Republican Party fighting for the opportunity to be your representative in Washington, D.C. I will be your voice and your vote. I don’t believe in party politics especially when it comes to honoring my word to my constituents.


I am a hard-working tax-paying American and Californian whom like most of you is tired of not feeling represented in Central Valley by elected leaders who abandoned us for a higher gas tax and they did nothing to stop the closure of local businesses costing many people their entire life savings. I see great potential for the people of our district. However, poor leadership has forced many Central Valley residents and businesses to lose hope; thousands are leaving California because of crime and homeless, no jobs, high taxes, and schools that think they know better than parents. We deserve better. My vision for the Central Valley area will make our community the place people want to come to, not leave. This is our home. This is where my wife and I plan to retire. We have invested our lives here. My friends and much of my family are here. I want everyone to feel safe and secure. I want every parent to have schools that are ready to teach our children the best education. As violent mobs torch and destroy our country, we need to assess years of failed leadership that failed to do what was right. Opponents of free speech attack anyone they disagree with as being “racist”. The radical “woke” left that burned, looted, and murdered also tried to defund our police. Weak leaders allowed the “cancel culture” to cancel your liberty and freedom because it doesn’t matter to them. Your security is important to me. Your God-given rights are not negotiable.

It’s time “We” clean up California’s problems with homelessness, water issues, education, police, criminals, welfare, illegal immigrants, and lockdowns. Of course, I won’t be popular with those who want to turn California into a “Socialist Euthopia” where everything is free; citizens have no say in their government, and criminals have more rights than law-abiding citizens. This election may be the most important decision you will ever make. This is the time for choosing. Will it be freedom and opportunity or fear and hate? I am asking you to allow me to serve our community for the next 2 years as your Representative in Congress.

Early in my life, I was fortunate to find (or should I say God placed him in life) a mentor, Tony Eubanks. He would lead me to Christ as a teenager and set my life on a different path that would lead me out of the ghetto of Chattanooga, Tennessee.
Professionally, I have been very fortunate to work in law enforcement and hold a “Top Secret” Clearance. Over fifteen years I have worked in the security and protection industry. I admire and respect the women and men of this industry that are able to perform their duties with the highest level of honor while respecting the rights of law-abiding citizens.
My life changed drastically after I was involved in a motorcycle accident. I am very thankful for the first responders (firefighters) who responded that day to render help to me. It could have been much worst. The accident led me to make the decision to amputate my right foot below the knee.
Sean Supports 2nd. Amendment
“I will be your voice and your vote”
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